Our Vision

We aspire to be a leader in the promotion of evidence based practices and updates for interprofessional health care practitioners in UAE and to expand this legacy of innovation and collaboration for global impact.

Our Mission

The Teaching and Learning Center is the realization of the SMAC strategic goal to provide evidence based practice and updates to the interprofessional health care practitioners. The programs will focus on educating health professionals to become efficient in delivering high quality care to clients.

Our Values

Our service reflects the moral and social values of the U.A.E, with special attention toward the delivery of responsible, safety focused Healthcare to our patients and support to their families in a compassionate and culturally sensitive manner; and to deliver high quality Medical training to promote and preserve life.


Continuing Medical Education CME is important to maintain clinical competence and develop new knowledge and clinical skills to...

First Aid Training

"First Aid is the immediate care that you give someone with an illness or injury before someone with more advanced training arrives...

Health & Wellness Programs

How you live your life now effects your health & wellness later in life. Making the right choices is within your control...


The effective way to complete your continuing medical education requirements, and get your knowledge to expand your skill for humanity.